Rib season at “Bochka”

The season of ribs started at “Bochka”, the meat restaurant.

The chef of the “Bochka” restaurant, Igor Bednyakov, prepared for meat-eaters a menu with grilled ribs, which are delivered to the restaurant by farms of Bryansk, Voronezh, Kaluga and Krasnoyarsk Krai.

During the summer at “Bochka” you can try pork and calf ribs, as well as ribs of lamb and deer. A bouquet of herbs and marinades is carefully selected for each type, to reveal and emphasize the taste of the product. Cost (per 100 g): deer ribs – 420 rub., Pork ribs – 245 rub., Ribs of lamb – 630 rub., Calf ribs – 350 rub.

Igor Bednyakov marinates deer’s ribs in sea salt and a mixture of 5 peppers with juniper and thyme, and before cooking, covers them with icing based on raspberry vinegar and red wine with cranberry jam, allspice and fresh cowberry.

Pork ribs are marinated in dark beer with fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro, parsley, coriander, cumin and anise. As a glaze for pork ribs, the chef chose BBQ – based on smoked plum, tomato juice, smoked paprika, honey, garlic, thyme and chili pepper.
In our restaurant you can also taste lamb ribs marinated with fresh tomatoes, parsley and cilantro with smoked paprika, herbs, a mixture of 5 peppers and onions. When fryed the ribs are glazed with a sauce prepared on the basis of a concentrated broth of lamb, hops, suneli, pink cherry plum, garlic, brown sugar and olive oil.

The chef marinades calf ribs with onions, fresh tomatoes and homemade adjika with the addition of fragrant spicy greens – basil, marjoram, thyme, mint, fenugreek and Imeretian saffron. When preparing them, he glazes the ribs with a sauce of red wine, concentrated veal, mustard, tomato juice and honey broth.

The wood of birch, apple trees and chips of alder are used while preparing the ribs to give the meat a pleasant, smoky taste and aroma.

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