Meat eaters night: 2 steaks for the price of 1 during the night

A new offer for those who, of the two unchanging pleasures – to eat and to sleep – choose the first: every day from 00:00 to 6 am 2 steaks for the price of 1.

Now at “Bochka” you can order 2 servings of your favorite steak, and pay for 1*. For example, if you order 2 “Butcher’s Steaks” (pickled diaphragm cuts, 400 g), the cost will be 1690 rubles, and 2 servings of Denver steak (inner portion of a marble veal shoulder, 400 g) will cost 1860 rubles.
And so every night!

It is worth reminding that the offer is not cumulative with other promotions or restaurant discounts.

* The action involves “Butcher’s Steak”, Denver steak and “New York” steak.

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